Burner model: Universal-Industrial burner

App­li­ca­ti­on range: thermal indus­tri­al app­li­ca­ti­ons and indus­tri­al water/steam boilers, etc.
Espe­cial­ly sui­ta­ble for: high furnace pres­su­res and hot air up to 250°C.

Sui­ta­ble for com­bus­ti­on of light oil or heavy fuel oil.  2 types with full modu­la­ti­on range avail­able, capa­ci­ty range: 1162 up to 4.651 kW oil flow rate: 98 up to 392 kg/h.

Table of capa­ci­ties

Burner typeBurner capa­ci­ty
in kW
Oil flow rate
in kg/h
Motor power
in kW
UE 31162 — 348898 — 2947,5
UESP1511 — 4651127 — 39211,0

Size chart (Size in mm)

Burner typeADFMN
UE 31238324838585665