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RAY burners have always been the back­bone of modern and effi­ci­ent thermal tech­no­lo­gy. With our pro­ducts we stand for pro­gress, per­for­man­ce, effi­ci­en­cy and relia­bi­li­ty, both inter­na­tio­nal­ly and natio­nal­ly since 1872. RAY pro­du­ces exclu­si­ve­ly at the loca­ti­on in Fell­bach near Stutt­gart and thus gua­ran­tees the highest pos­si­ble quality. Our burners are long-term invest­ment goods and are often found in the daily use of our cust­o­m­ers on site for more than 30 years.


As one of the first global burner manu­fac­turers, we gua­ran­tee our cust­o­m­ers the highest pos­si­ble quality from almost 150 years of expe­ri­en­ce in burner con­struc­tion. Whether special fuels, special app­li­ca­ti­ons, whether main­ten­an­ce or cust­o­m­er service, with our know-how, we always work out the best solu­ti­on for our cust­o­m­er. We see the requi­re­ments of our cust­o­m­ers as an overall project, which can only be achie­ved through inten­si­ve and per­so­nal cust­o­m­er support. The four pillars, relia­bi­li­ty, service ori­en­ta­ti­on, inno­va­ti­on, con­sul­ting are our success concept. Relia­bi­li­ty can gua­ran­te­ed, because we can process our pro­mi­sed appoint­ments and cust­o­m­er orders as quickly as pos­si­ble. We have been part­ners for nearly 150 years for our cust­o­m­ers.

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