RAY unibloc — hot gas generator

App­li­ca­ti­on range: indus­tri­al drying e. g. for buil­ding mate­ri­als, food­stuffs, che­mi­cal pro­ducts, fodder, heating of recy­cling plants, flui­di­zed-bed fur­naces, multi floor fur­naces, direct or indi­rect heating of afterburning plants and others.

RAY-unibloc hot gas gene­ra­tors are avail­able up to heat capa­ci­ties of 21 MW. With max. hot gas tem­pe­ra­tures up to 1600°C, hot gas pres­su­res from — 50 up to + 500 mbar, high heat — resis­tant ceramic inner lining, desi­gned as compact unit with com­ple­te­ly instal­led oil-, gas or com­bi­ned gas/oil-firing. Special exe­cu­ti­on and higher heat capa­ci­ties upon request.

RAY — Control panels

For control and super­vi­si­on of indus­tri­al boilers and burner equip­ment, also avail­able with SPS tech­no­lo­gy inclu­ding data trans­fer. Engi­nee­ring and design accord­ing to the requi­re­ments of the plant.